New yoga studio opens in downtown Scranton


Owner Alex DuBois demonstrates the One-Legged King Pigeon from one of the various classes Mission Yoga offers.

Victoria Garafola, Correspondent

Downtown Scranton finally has its very own yoga studio, located two doors down from Northern Lights Espresso Bar. The new “Mission Yoga” is filling a much needed position just minutes away from Marywood University.

The studio is warm, and well lit with wooden floors and mirror-less walls. Owner Alex Dubois believes the lack of mirrors in his studio allows students to fully channel the positive aspects of the practice, “I think that to add that struggle in, while trying to make a connection between your mind and yourself and the muscles in your body internally, it creates just another layer that is difficult.”

Mission Yoga encourages new faces to come and explore the benefits of yoga, Dubois elaborates, “With the location, we are hoping to find people who have no exposure to yoga.”

Dubois told the Wood Word that his yoga studio would be experimenting with musical classes and live performances every Saturday.

On February 18th at 7:00 pm the studio is trying a “Liquid Light Yoga” class that is suitable for all levels. The event plans to mimic liquid light projection shows from the 1960’s and 1970’s while incorporating psychedelic music in a yoga setting. Lani Almodoval, a resident of downtown Scranton and student at Marywood University expressed her enthusiasm, “I’m really happy Mission Yoga opened just blocks away from my apartment! The studio makes it a lot easier for me to be active after being in classes all day” she said.

The owner also explained that the studio currently employs eight different teachers, giving each yoga class its own style and offering variety to the studio as a whole. He also hopes to promote a positive atmosphere for students to take with them throughout their lives outside of the practice. Dubois explains, “We believe in yoga as a life style, and I don’t mean being a yogi, just having a tattoo, having beads. I mean, how are you treating someone today as a result of what you’re learning? I think that ties into the physicality of it.”

Later this February, Mission Yoga will be working with local businesses to promote a consumer community, offering discounted classes and services at the participating locations. Also, Mission Yoga plans to pair up with local businesses to offer a “Lunch and Yoga” package. Mission has arranged to work with several local businesses including: Eden – a vegan cafe, Green Being and Essence of Paradise, to promote a consumer community and offer discounts to patrons.