Student Spotlight: Daniel Sputa


Molly Boylan, Community Editor

Name: Daniel Sputa
Year: 2012
Major: BAA Business Information Technology 2010M.S. – Financial Information Systems
Hometown: Olomouc, Czech Republic

Q:What is your involvement with the clubs on the Marywood campus?

A:I am at Marywood University since 2006, and during that time, I was involved in several clubs. Namely I was holding positions as president and vice-president of the International Club, president of Business Student Association, and member of Math Club, Student Government, and Graduate Student Council. I regularly participate in Campus Ministry service activities.

Q:Why did the International Club become the group you were involved in most?

A:The International Club is special for me. I am an international student, so being involved in this club gave me opportunity to meet with other international students at Marywood. I love to share my culture, customs and values with others. Also, I am eager to learn about cultures, customs and religions of other members.

Q:International Week had many different events. Can you please explain how you decided what events were important for the community?

A:The programs and events that we decided to have during the International Week were chosen in a way to educate and prepare the Marywood community for the global environment and share the world knowledge.

Q:If so, why do you think it is important to have an International club at Marywood?

A:There are two important reasons to have an International Club at Marywood University. First, it gives everyone a way to learn about cultural and religious differences, taste food from other countries, learn about customs and different ways of living, and share their stories.
The second reason is that it helps international students to find a place where they don’t feel as strangers because everyone is from everywhere. It is not easy to come to study in another country. Having an International Club helps international students to deal with culture shock and reach the mastery phase that allows them to fully participate and feel comfortable in the host environment.