Food trucks stir frenzy on Adams Ave


Photo credit/ Photo Courtesy of Nina's Bitemobile

Nina’s Bitemobile is the newest food truck on campus. It is an extension of Nina’s Pizza & Wings in Dunmore and offers several restaurant favorites on the truck.

Paul Capoccia, Community Editor

Adams Avenue has never been so delicious.

With the arrival of the new food truck, The Bitemobile, and the return of local favorite, What The Fork, Marywood is now playing host to food trucks sometimes twice a week.

The Bitemobile, an extension of Nina’s Pizza and Wings in Dunmore, offers a variety of restaurant favorites like Nina’s Famous Wing Bites and Nina’s Wing Bite Hoagie. What The Fork continues a truly unique menu including its Surf & Turf Sandwich, Oreo Funnel Cake Fries, and its nationally acclaimed Pulled Pork Taco.

Michael Macciocco, whose family owns Nina’s restaurant and the food truck, was excited to be right on campus.

“We’ve always had students come over [there] and eat,” said Macciocco. “You’d always see the sweatshirts in the restaurant, so we just thought it was a natural fit for us to get over [here]. It’s been great.”

Mario Bevilacqua, chef and co-founder of the What The Fork food truck, was eager to be back on campus this year as well. He expressed his gratitude for the outreach and support on social media last year after his truck was asked to stay away from campus.

“Oh, it was fantastic,” said Bevilacqua, “It’s great when … we have the students or we have the community that backs us up and supports us.”

Bevilacqua made it very clear, though, that no issues remain between his truck and campus safety and Chartwells staff at Marywood.

“Campus safety is great. Campus safety buys from us. Faculty and staff are great,” said Bevilacqua, “The food service contract that’s in place with the university and Chartwell’s was, for a very short period of time, an issue.”

Despite having two great trucks on campus, though, there’s a large number of the student population that still has not tried either truck. Some students stated price as a factor, others stating the lines being inconvenient, while others just weren’t adventurous enough.

Corey Gallis said he tried it for the first time and became the #Forker Of The Day for Sept. 5 at What The Fork. So what made him try it?

“I’d say I ate at What The Fork that day just for the fork of it,” said Gallis. “It was Friday and I was done with classes so I was feeling something different, knew they were there, and went for it. I never had it before and I heard they had some pretty tasty creations. I wanted to give it a shot.”

Each truck owner said he believes the food warrants some attention. Each owner quickly replied with his favorite dish on the menus.

“Pork tacos. No doubt, definitely pork tacos,” said Bevilacqua, “We sold 23,000 tacos in 2012. It’s crazy. I could eat them everyday.”

“The quesadilla. My big thing,” said Macciocco, “When I finally got to do it on the truck it was pretty fantastic, so I’d have to say the quesadilla.”

The great food is something here to stay, but is there any competition between these trucks? Both dismissed the idea and instead offered something for fans to look forward to.

“Teaming up to do different events and to park next to each other, definitely something I would do. Absolutely,” said Bevilacqua.

“Mario’s been absolutely fantastic. He’s helped us a lot,”said Macciocco, “We respect him and what he’s done so far, so we’re cheering for him as well.”