Marywood students begin discussing national issues

Paul Capoccia, Community Editor

Marywood is now making it easier for the campus community to discuss major world issues.

In Sept., the university began a series of informal discussions on current events called “Talk of the University: What You Should Know.” The informal discussion series allows students to not only learn more about global issues but also to discuss them in an open-minded environment.

Ross Novak, director of Housing and Residence Life, felt the need for major issues to be discussed on campus, like the events in Ferguson, Mo., which served as the series’ first topic.

“We realized that there was a need for something because faculty were saying that they were talking about it in their classes, but people didn’t seem to be aware of it,” Novak said. “It’s an event that has so many different elements and ramifications that we felt it was important to have the conversation.”

Gloria Dudek, senior music education major, was happy her class attended the discussion.

“I liked the informal nature of it,” said Dudek. “Everyone was free to speak up, but nobody was forced to say anything.”

Novak helped facilitate the first event alongside faculty members Drs. Lia and David Palmiter and student assistants Tiffany Murphy, graduate student in social work, and Jaye Cannon, junior communications major.

“Nothing is a lecture format,” said Novak. “It’s all a co-facilitated discussion between students, faculty, and staff, and it’s really meant to be an open informal discussion.”

The Talk of the University is looking to have upcoming discussions on topics like ISIS and the increasing concern over the culture of the NFL.