Who’s Who on Campus: Meet Director of Student Equity Keshia Vilchert


Photo credit/ Carter Cerretani

Vilchert hard at work.

There’s a new face in Marywood’s Office of Equity and Inclusion this year.

After working at Marywood for four years as Residence Director of Madonna Hall, Keshia Vilchert is now sitting in the chair of the director of Student Equity, meaning that she will be in charge of overseeing that everyone on campus is being treated fairly and being given the resources they need to succeed.

Prior to Marywood, Vilchert worked as a developmental specialist at Harbor Area Early Childhood Services, an instructional assistant at Hartwell Learning Center and a resident assistant at Assumption College, all of which she said share similarities with Marywood.

“I think that they compare pretty well: very similar values, very similar population and demographics,” said Vilchert.

Now, as director of Student Equity, Vilchert said she is ready to face whatever challenges come with her new position.

“There’s definitely a lot to learn, a lot to do, but I’m really excited to be here, to be in this role, and to see that support especially for our Marywood community,” said Vilchert.

Vilchert says students shouldn’t be afraid to reach out or to ask questions.

“Don’t be afraid to maybe say the wrong thing, or make a mistake, or to put yourself out there because that is the way that you’ll be able to learn to grow and to change, by really kind of taking what feels like a risk,” said Vilchert.

Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion Dr. Yerodin Lucas said that Vilchert displays a hands-on attitude for the role.

“She already has a lot of great ideas about the role, about how to create programming for students, and also looking at ways that we can partner with faculty, staff, and alumni as well,” said Lucas.

Lucas also noted Vilchert has big plans for the upcoming year.

“I’m really excited about the academic year, about a lot of the programming that we’re going to have. I’m really excited to have Keisha Vilchert with the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion,” said Lucas.

When it comes to equity itself, Vilchert said its importance to our community, and to society as a whole, cannot be overstated.

“You want to be somewhere where you feel like your voice is being heard,” said Vilchert.

Lucas added that he is looking forward to the Marywood community seeing what Vilchert has planned for the new school year.

“I think that you’re going to see a lot of really great things this year that will not only be student-centered and focused on creating the best experience for students, but also engaging the entire campus community, so I’m excited about that,” said Lucas.

Vilchert urges students not to be afraid to share any questions or concerns with her, either by stopping by her office or through email: [email protected].

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