An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems

By Stephen Kane
Entertainment Editor

Please, do not allow the title to mislead you. Glenn Beck’s An Inconvenient Truth offers us simple, very commonsense solutions to major problems our country faces daily. The U.S. oil addiction, global warming, political correctness, illegal immigration, poverty, even pornography —all the bases are covered in this New York Times Bestseller.

Personally, I find the book rather refreshing yet conservatively pitched. It seems a lot of books attempting to solve or spell-out similar problems, big or small, quickly lose my interest with the wordy diction or boring digressions—the author simply trying to prove his or her intellectual validity.

Beck delves right into what he is talking about, and keeps the reader hooked and easily interested with charts and graphics and a comical flare that one might find rather enjoyable, especially if you listen to Beck’s radio or television show, on CNN.

For example—and I quote Mr. Beck in passage—he comments on the hypocrisy that almost inherently lies within our politicians: “You’ve got to love John Edwards, a guy who has campaigned on poverty and global warming, clear-cuts acres of thick forest to build not only and energy-guzzling mansion but also his own personal soccer field.”

Simple, spelled out, and it makes sense.

Another intriguing excerpt I’d like to include reads, “Just the increase in the amount of coal that China will burn by 2020 will send as much CO2 into the atmosphere as 3 billion Ford Expeditions, each driven 15,000 miles a year.”

There are tons of these quotes and intriguing facts included within this book—some that might even leave you shell-shocked, scratching your head and wondering “why didn’t I think of or see this before now?” I suppose it is rather similar to Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (and So Can You!), except its opinions are made much more valid by supporting facts and evidence.

If you find these passages even remotely interesting, I suggest you swing by a local bookstore and buy Beck’s book. It is a smart investment that will affect not only you for the better, but all of us. Read it, and you will see why!

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