Marywood Dance Ensemble

By Ehrin Faulborn
Staff Writer

The modern dance show From the Ground Up took place on Saturday, November 8. Along with the Marywood Dance Ensemble, the Vada Dance Collective, created by Becky Moyer and Katie Skettino, also performed.

Moyer and Skettino choreographed most of the rou- tines, with the exception of one student choreographed piece by Ami Setlock, a junior at Marywood and president of the dance ensemble. Setlock choreographed the number “Time Still Exists,” a dance reflecting the ups and downs of relationships.

“I got the inspiration from past relationships, but I also think it is a story that many can connect with, Setlock said. “To me it’s a very emotional piece, the movements show the struggles [someone] would go through.”

I didn’t really have any difficulties participating in the show other than working on the piece that I choreographed,” she continued. “It is the only student choreography piece so I was really nervous about how the audience would take to it and rehearsing it to perfection was a struggle.”

Along with modern dance pieces, the show also featured a tap routine entitled “Sunshowers.” This routine utilized tap technique in a fun, eye catching way.

From the Ground Up was an interesting show, loaded with technique, talented danc- ers, and unique choreography. The task at hand was completed gracefully by the Marywood dance ensemble and the Vada Dance Collective.