What’s in theaters this Fall

Owen Karoscik
Staff Writer
Katie Owens
A&E Editor

As the leaves change color and the air grows cool, the comfy chairs of our favorite movie theater provides a much needed escape for the dreary fall and winter months ahead. If you are looking for good flicks to share with the people in your life, here are some of our best recommendations.

Bring Your Friends
In Time
(October 28)
Set in the distant future where people stop aging at 25 and your life is measured by the time you earn, Will (Justin Timberlake) sets out to become the Robin Hood of his day when his mother’s (Olivia Wilde) time runs out. With a star-studded cast of thirty-somethings, it proves to keep you on your toes trying to decide whose side to choose.

Bring Your Date
Paranormal Activity 3
(October 21)
Prepare to cover your eyes and grab hold of your dates. The third installment in the found-footage horror series is a prequel that takes us back through the childhood of Katie and Kristi and shows the origins of the demon that haunts them in the previous films. Any fans of the first two films, or of horror films in general, won’t want to miss this one.

Bring Your Tissues
Like Crazy
(October 28)
A college couple is thrown for a loop when British student Anna (Felicity Jones) overstays her visa and is forced to separate from her boyfriend Jacob (Anton Yelchin). They then have to deal with the struggles of being in love while apart on top of trying to decide what to do after graduation. In a real way, Like Crazy brings out what many of us fear in our college years.