Keeping It Real with Katie and Kelly


Katie Owens & Kelly Rickert, A&E Editor and Asst. News Editor

I am a senior in college and am having a big issue with senioritis. Every time I go to do some work, I get distracted and don’t seem to get it done. What would you suggest I do about this situation?

Senioritis Sufferer

Join the club. Getting motivated to do your school work is one of the most difficult things about university study, no matter what year you’re in.The best advice we have to give is that you set a schedule and stick to it. You have to be stronger than your compulsion to check Facebook.

It’s especially hard when you need the Internet to do your work, we know. There are endlessly more interesting things to be looking up than the evolution of protista or the Louisianna Purchase. It is all about setting yourself on a course and not deviating from it. Perhaps you can set up mini-goals along with your schedule of assignments. For example, plan to get X number of pages done on a paper before you take a break to text your friends or shop online. If you break each project down to reasonable tasks, it will seem much easier to finish. Most importantly, make sure that you stick to your plan and actually finish the work you need to. You have to keep in mind that the sooner you’re done with your assignments, the sooner you can do whatever you’d like.

Think about it this way: This is the last year that you’re ever going to have the joy of doing your homework. Soon, you’re going to be out there in the “real” world and they probably won’t stand for procrastination.

I need to have a part time job during the semester to support myself but I also have a full load of classes. Sometimes I feel as though I work too much and don’t study enough, but no one is paying me to study. How do I find balance between the two?

Wondering Worker

The question here is, do you pay $27,000 to work at your part time job?

It may seem easy now to go to work instead of doing your school assignments. But, this is an issue you have to look at by thinking ahead. In the long run, what is going to pay off more, having had money to go out with your friends or having had good enough grades to graduate and get the career you want?

It isn’t bad to have a job and go to school. (Who can afford not to these days?) You just need to find a balance between the number of hours you can devote to your job and to your school work. When you have work study, you can’t work anymore that 10 hours a week. Maybe that’s an appropriate amount. To us, it depends more on how much you think is enough. Maybe that’s 10. Maybe it’s 25. Maybe it will change each semester. Ultimately, you have to do what you feel is right. As sweet as money is, it isn’t worth failing for.

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