Keeping it Real with Katie and Kelly


Katie Owens and Kelly Rickert, your resident experts.

Katie Owens and Kelly Rickert, A&E Editor and Asst. News Editor

No matter what time I arrive on campus, I have trouble finding a place to park. Not only are the commuter lots full, but everywhere else is too. What advice do you have to find parking and avoid getting ticketed?

Perusing for Parking

Welcome to a college campus. While sometimes it seems as though we have it particularly bad here, parking is not an uncommon issue at schools all across the country. No one ever seems to have enough space for the people that need it. Commuters then face the problem of finding a spot when they arrive because residents, or any number of other people, have taken them all. The main problem is not always even that parking is not available, but that the vigilantes in the security department hand out tickets like firemen at a parade handing out candy. Our best, although not the most helpful counsel, is to get to campus a little early and search out the lots where you’re allowed to park. If those are full, parking on the street is sometimes even closer to buildings like the LAC.

During the winter, I can never seem to find things to do. With the cold weather outside, there’s not a lot going on, but I go stir crazy staying inside all the time. What suggestions do you have for combating this winter boredom?

Starving for Summer

Many people say this same thing, but the truth is, if you really want something to occupy your time, you just need to pick something and do it! There are lots of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, even ice skating or sledding. However, if you prefer to remain in above-freezing temperatures, there are lots of things to do indoors too. You could try yoga, going to the gym or even indoor rock climbing to help get that extra energy out through something new and fun. If you prefer some less physical and more mental activity, you could pick up a new hobby, like crocheting or jigsaw puzzles, to keep your mind working, even though you are locked in the house. This would also be an excellent opportunity to, dare we say it, study. Once the end of the semester approaches and the warmer weather rolls around, it will be all too easy to slack on course work. Keep your grades up in the winter and it should carry you thorugh the rest of the semester. So, just try to find something that interests you and give it a whirl!