Keeping it Real with Katie and Kelly

My best friend, who has also been my roommate for two years, is graduating this semester. I don’t know what I am going to do next semester without my constant source of someone to eat with and hang out with. How am I going to get through my senior year without her?


Scared of Solidarity

The good news is that your best friend is graduating! You have to remember to be happy for her and all of the new things that are going to be happening in her life.

On the other hand, we totally get where you’re coming from. This could be an excellent opportunity to spread your wings and expand on your college experience by taking as many friends with you as you can.

The great thing about Marywood is that you can have one solid group of friends, but also people around the edges that you hang out with every now and then. This is the time to get closer to those people; maybe they will surprise you. Invite other people to dinner.

As far as a new roommate and a constant companion, be optimistic. Maybe this will be the year to spend more time on your own, discovering something new before you graduate yourself. Or perhaps your new roommate will end up a life-long friend as well.

I barely got to see my friends at all for the last month of the semester because we all had so much work to do. This is our last summer together before senior year but we don’t all live close to each other. Do you have any suggestions for how best to meet up over break?


Far from Friends

Luckily for you, during the summer, we don’t have school … unless you do, in which case, good for you, getting ahead on those credits! An excellent way to make time for each other over summer break is to all set aside a week where you take off of work or whatever other obligations you have and get together. Look ahead to see if there are any concerts or other events going on that you’d all be interested in. Another idea is to go into New York. Since most of our students are from the greatest tri-state area, meeting up in the city for a day with no plans can be one of the most exciting adventures to have. You can go to the zoo, see a show, shop and be home all in one day.

Since this is your last summer together, now would be a nice time to see the places that your friends are from. Seeing someone’s hometown can show you a lot about who that person is. Take a trip to a friend’s house and have them show you around and what they did before you knew them.

If you’re all from Scranton, you should take the opportunity to get out. Drive to Jersey for the day and hang out at the beach.

This really is your time. You have the entire summer to make the best of. It’s the last time you’ll have a break like this.