We The Kings set to perform at Spring Fling


Katie Owens, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Marywood’s Student Activity Crew (SAC) recently announced that after much demand over the years, they have booked a national music act to play at this year’s Spring Fling. The news that We The Kings, a pop punk group originally from Florida, would be opening this year’s event spread through campus rapidly.

“We’ve been pushing toward this for years,” said SAC intern Ashleigh Gillet. “We really wanted to do something people would enjoy and want to come to.”

Senior English major Noelle Kozak is behind SAC’s decision, “It’s great that SAC is making efforts to do big things like this here at the university. We are a small school, so the fact that they got We the Kings to perform here is pretty cool.”

The last guest Marywood had for Spring Fling was in 2011 with SNL cast member Kenan Thompson. However, this event was marred by a power outage. This year, the event will take place in the Mellow Center. SAC has hired a stage company and sound engineers. This is to ensure that the concert is seen and heard in a better manner that would be expected in the gym.

The concert is Saturday, April 13th and kicks off a week full of Spring Fling activities