“Duck Dynasty” is back for anticipated season 3

“Duck Dynasty” is back for anticipated season 3

Ashley Padula, Assistant Community Editor

The third season of “Duck Dynasty” premiered on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. on the A&E Network.

Fans definitely think the two new episodes of the season were a hit.  According to Nellie Andreeva of Deadline.com, “Duck Dynasty’s” back-to-back season three premiere episodes “were the most-watched telecast of all time at the network in total viewers and all key demos.”

Based in West Monroe, La.,  “Duck Dynasy” follows the everyday lives of the Roberston family and the workings of their family business, Duck Commander. The Robertson family consists of 39-year-old CEO of Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, his wife, Korie, their children, Willie’s parents and siblings, Willie’s Uncle Si, and the other men who work in the warehouse making duck calls.

According to Neil Genzlinger, staff writer for the New York Times, the Robertson family founded the duck-call-making business known as Duck Commander. The Robertsons’ family business is now a multi-million-dollar company, says Celebritynetworth.com. This company manufactures many hunting related products such as duck calls, duck decoys, cooking DVDs, and apparel.

Before the television show “Duck Dynasty,” the family had videos mainly made for hunters, then they became a subject on a show seen on the Outdoor Channel and now they are what the show “Duck Dynasty” is all about.

The show focuses on the duck commander/buck commander warehouse,  the men making duck calls and all of the crazy situations they get themselves into, family bonding, and life lessons. Every episode ends with a blessing while the whole family is seated around the dinner table.

Why is the show so popular? Some believe it’s because of the Robertson family’s Uncle Si.  He is always up to something during the episodes.  At one point during the season three premiere, Uncle Si is shown hunting in the field with his poodle.  Unlike most hunters who use a hunting dog, Uncle Si uses a poodle to retrieve the doves that he shoots.  Si is always up to some kind of activity that causes his family to wonder what he is truly thinking, but in the end causes much laughter.

Sophomore nursing major Sarah Lutat watches the show and said she finds Uncle Si hilarious.

“He is very witty and catches you off guard because he says things you would not expect him to say and he does things you would not expect him to do,” said Lutat. “He’s definitely my favorite character.”

Along with Lutat, sophomore hospitality management major, Samantha Czerwonka also finds Uncle Si hilarious.

“He’s so funny and just says the most ridiculous things that he honestly believes are true. He’s definitely a down south redneck.”

Another reason may be that when the Robertson men are together, their ideas do not always go as planned, which causes quite the entertaining outcome.  During season three’s premiere episodes, all of the men from the warehouse plan to go camping in tents.  When Willie shows up at the campsite with an RV, the other men are shocked and refuse to join him.  As some time passes, the mosquitoes become annoying and the idea of sleeping in comfort wins over most of the men.

Stay tuned for new upcoming episodes at 10 p.m. Wednesday nights on A&E, and also stay up to date on Twitter, @DuckDynastyAE.