Movie Review: “Unfriended” is a fresh take on found footage


Vincent Schultz, Managing Editor

“I can’t believe this is going to be my last movie review.” Those were the words I said to myself moments before “Unfriended” began. I assumed this movie would be the next “Paranormal Activity: insert sequel number here.” However, I was mistaken.

Now, it’s time for me to eat my own words.

“Unfriended,” is directed by Levan Gabriabze and stars Shelley Hennig. Heather Sossaman, Jacob Wysocki, Moses Jacob Storm, Renee Olstead, and Will Peltz.

The film follows a group of friends in an online chat room who are soon faced with a supernatural force claiming to be the ghost of their dead friend.

As Blair (Shelly Hennig) and her friends confront the spirit of Laura (Heather Sossaman), they must face past transgressions and attempt to survive the night.

With the use of screen capture, “Unfriended” is a welcomed change from the status quo. Seeing the actual use of applications like Facebook and Tumblr is also a nice touch.

Through the eyes of Blair, audiences can see the characters’ tabs and bookmarks for sites like MTV or Forever21.These pieces are small and subtle, but add a sense of realism to the cyber-horror.

Another strong point throughout the movie is the effective use of dialogue. The entire film is presented as one continuous shot throughout the film’s 82-minute run time; therefore there is a heavy amount of conversation.

“Unfriended” is not a great movie, and it isn’t particularly groundbreaking to the horror genre.

But “Unfriended” is a fresh take on the found-footage craze that strongly reflects the relationships carried out through the web.

I’m giving “Unfriended” 3/5 kernels.

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