Pinning with Margaret: DIY bird’s nest necklace


Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

Margaret Scott , Assistant A&E Editor

What you need:

-Copper wire

-Metallic beads


-Wire cutter

-Needle-nose pliers

Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

The spring season means springtime clothing and accessories. With this simple DIY necklace, accessorizing will be made easy for the change in weather.

First, take the wire and string about three beads. Leave small spaces in between the beads, and then start bending the wire between them with the needle-nose pliers.

Tip: Be creative! Switch the colors of the beads or even change the color of the wire. Using green or even black could give the necklace a unique look.

Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

Bunch up the wire around each bead so it starts to outline the shape of a bird’s nest.

Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

Weave the wire in and out of the excess wire that is going through the beads. Make sure to leave a small piece of wire sticking out the top of the nest shape to attach the chain. There is no exact pattern to follow. Repeat weaving and twisting until the wire is thick enough that it’s difficult to see through the nest created.

Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

Take the small piece of wire that’s on the top of the nest and create a loop with the needle-nose pliers. Twist the wire together with your fingers until it’s tight.

Photo credit/ Kat Bischak

Take the chain and string it through the loop that was created.

There you have it! A perfect piece of jewelry that will accent any spring outfit for the oncoming warm weather.

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