Musical Marywood: Room 108 rocks northeastern PA


Photo credit/ Courtesy of: Room 108

Room 108 rocks out at the V Spot Bar.

Room 108 is a pop punk cover band made up of friends who met in the Marywood Music, Theatre and Dance department.

The band is made up of Mason Coccodrilli and John Kear, current Marywood music students, Gabby Tolerico, a 2020 graduate from the Marywood music program, Jacob Slomian, a former Marywood student and Nick DeLazzari, the students’ friend from the area.

Named after the room in the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts where they all used to hang out after class, the band got their start in summer 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Mason, Jacob and I had previous iterations of the band,” said John Kear, senior music education major and bassist for the band. “They never seemed to work out but the summer over COVID, we decided to try it out again and it has been working for us so far.”

The band describes their music style as “alternative rock; pop-punk” and do covers of famous punk bands such as Fall Out Boy and The Foo Fighters. However, they may not be doing covers for much longer.

“Hopefully by New Years at the latest [we will release our own original music],” said Mason Coccodrilli, senior music major and drummer.

As for the band’s hopes for the future, Kear says they would love to become notable throughout northeastern PA.

“I think a lot of us just want to be playing out as much as possible,” said Kear. “At least making a name for ourselves in the local area.”

Dr. Rick Hoffenberg, associate professor of music, taught the Marywood students in the band and is not surprised that they wanted to make music together.

“They’re all very enterprising and talented musicians,” said Hoffenberg. “They’re always looking to branch out and do different things.”

Based on how they are as music students, Hoffenberg believes that the band will make it far.

“They’re all good musicians. I wouldn’t put anything past them,” said Hoffenberg.

Room 108 is already starting to become notable throughout the area. With 583 followers on Instagram (@room108theband) and 1,196 followers on Facebook, they book gigs almost every weekend. The band plays a variety of sets at a variety of venues such as doing acoustic shows at the Commonwealth Coffeehouse to full rock concerts at The V Spot Bar.

But their favorite crowds to play for?

“Marywood crowds are quite fun,” said Coccodrilli. “They dance a lot.”

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