Scranton Fringe Festival under glass for a second year


Photo credit/ Courtesy of: Scranton Fringe Festival

Scranton Fringe Festival utilizes headphones for attendees to enjoy the performances from behind glass.

The Scranton Fringe Festival returns once again with a COVID-19 safe twist. The festival will bring a celebration of entertainment, performing arts, and live music to downtown Scranton. Tickets are $20 per person and are limited.

This year’s festival will feature various performances by local groups such as the New Vintage Ensemble, Farm Art Collective, and The Living Theatre.

“The festival is a great way to pay the actors and artists in the community,” said Melissa Carestia, Fringe Festival board member. “It also will engage the community to be around the arts.”

The founders of Scranton Fringe Festival, Conor Kelly O’Brien and Elizabeth Bohan, thought that it was necessary for Scranton to have a Fringe Festival. Their idea of the festival was based on the world’s largest fringe festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scranton Fringe has been a popular event since its start in 2015.

Due to the pandemic last year, Scranton Fringe Fest adapted with a unique design.

The group of directors developed the “Scranton Fringe Under Glass” concept to solve the latest obstacle of the coronavirus pandemic. All performances are held outside and behind glass in storefront windows. Audiences are sectioned into small walking groups with a tour guide to socially distance. Masks are required for everyone in attendance to follow CDC guidelines.

This solution was a huge success as last year’s festival was almost sold out completely.

“After being cramped up during the pandemic, people swarm to the arts,” said Carestia.

The safety precautions allow people to go out and enjoy exciting entertainment while being comfortable with their safety. Although these precautions make the festival very different than normal, they have not limited the community’s excitement for Scranton Fringe as the festival is expected to be close to selling out again this year.

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