Hot Spot: Ritter’s Cider Mill is the place for fall fun


Photo credit/ Haven Walsh

Ritter’s Cider Mill corn maze

Ritter’s Cider Mill is a locally owned business located in Jefferson Township, PA, about a 20 minute drive from Marywood. This local family business has been a popular fall attraction for many people for 44 years.

Ritter’s is a great place to visit and enjoy a relaxing day away from the demands of school. This business is known for some of the many fall activities that NEPA has to offer.

Students can visit the mill and the various animals such as goats, chickens, alpacas, cows, and a donkey. Feeding and petting these animals can be a stress reductant for those of us cramming for end of semester exams and papers.

Horse and pony rides are also options for those who want to get off their own feet for a bit. There is also a hayride as well as a hay barn. A small corn maze is a great activity to do with a friend or a group, just be sure to watch out for the children.

Got some pent up stress or anger? People can buy apples to slingshot at targets.

“A lot of older kids love the apple slingshot,” explained Sally Brinkman, Ritter’s employee and daughter of the current owners.

A popular activity for those interested in photography is taking a picture in front of a mural of wings, uniquely featuring items Ritter’s is known for within the wings themselves. The trees and fall foliage make for beautiful aesthetic scenery as well, making for great local pictures.

Ritter’s is well-known for their baked goods and cider-flavored options. Families from all over come to have the fresh cider and donuts.

“The apple cider donuts were rated 1 of the top 10 in Pennsylvania for apple cider donuts,” commented Brinkman.

Ritter’s is also known for their wide selection of apples and pumpkins. It may not be a pumpkin patch, but there is a large selection to choose from, from white to the classic orange.

If you are a food junkie looking for different foods to try, you can find hot apple cider donuts, homemade pies, pumpkin rolls, jams, and even pickles. Plu, their apples are a great choice for someone looking for a healthier alternative.

If looking to take a trip out to Ritter’s and have a little fun, plan your time accordingly. If going as a large group, the best time would be late morning.

“The busiest time of day is usually from about 1 o’clock to 3 or 3:30,” explains Brinkman.

The outside farm activities run until Halloween weekend. If you are a food junkie like us, you can find treats here until Dec. 23. We recommend visiting the mill if, like us, you love fall and want to ease some of your college stress.

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