E-Cycling Event Coming Soon

By Rob Suski & Ashley Proietto
Staff Writers

So you’ve been thinking about getting a new computer, or maybe a brand new high definition TV or even a new smart phone. You’ve probably been thinking what type and what model but one thing that probably hasn’t crossed your mind yet is: what are you going to do with the old one? You could give them to friends or family as hand me downs, try and sell them off either online or back to a store for credit, or even just throw them away.

One idea you may haven’t thought of is to e-cycle them. Don’t worry though, e-cycling itself is a new concept but it’s a concept that’s been growing along with the Going Green movement. Marywood University has been Going Green as well; not only with the new School of Architecture being green, but also allowing Dr. Sadowski’s Public Relations Principles & Practices class to promote and host an e-cycling on campus, Saturday, April 25th.

One question that might pop up is if this is going to be big for Marywood, why have a class be in charge of it instead of Marywood? In previous semesters, Dr. Sadowski’s classes would create hypothetical ad campaigns that would be presented to professionals from Marywood and professionals within the industry that would be judged on successfulness and viability. What better way then to prepare students for the real world than to have a real project to work on and to show professionals that these students are ready for their professions when they graduate.

Another question that could pop up in your head might be “Don’t they need resources that real agencies have at their disposal that students don’t usually have?” Well you’re partly correct on that, the students do need resources, luckily Apex Waste Management is helping out in providing trucks to collect the donations from students and around the community. Marywood will be helping out in providing refreshments and entertainment and many of the students within Dr. Sadowski’s class have developed contacts within the industry that have offered insight and tips. You too can help out most of all by bringing in old electronic appliances that can be recycled on April 25th right here on Marywood University Campus.

Keep a look out for updates on the e-cycling event with more details and how you can do your part for your environment.