3D Technology Gains Popularity

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By Cassie Scannella
Staff Writer

Throughout the past couple years, and most importantly throughout the past year, 3D technology has impacted viewers more so than ever before.  In 2009, record breaking 3D movie Avatar was released and that set a new, high standard for future 3D movies.  Also, 3D is preparing to come into the household through DVD players, including Blue Ray.  3D technology has reached a new height and is making people all over the world wanting more.

Mostly everyone, especially the youth, has seen films in 3D.  When you go into view 3D films, you have to put on the goofy looking glasses and sit through the movie wearing them to get the 3D effect.  Most of the time, 3D movies are worth it and they leave the viewer wondering, “How do they make movies like that?” or “I wonder if there are going to be more movies like that?”  In 2009, James Cameron broke the box office record since his movie Titanic in the 1990’s with his new movie in 3D, Avatar.  Avatar was said to be the movie that changes the whole idea of 3D all together and it did indeed.  The movie had a decent plot, but the 3D features made it out of this world and unforgettable.  James Cameron went above and beyond by using the 3D technology that he did in Avatar.  The movie attracted millions and millions of interested viewers.  Along with Avatar being released last year, several other 3D movies were released and made an impact on their viewers including Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol, Toy Story 3D movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, and several other Disney movies.

Now that 3D is becoming so big and exciting in the movie theaters, 3D can be brought right to your home!  The new Samsung 3D LED TV and Blue Ray player are being advertised through commercials to promote purchasing so you can have the whole 3D experience right in your home.  Children, Teens, and adults have fallen so much in love with 3D movies, that it is now possible to have your very own 3D TV and Blue Ray player.  This is the first time in history to be able to purchase something so extraordinary.  Millions of people watched the Super Bowl last year when the 3D commercials were being advertised.  Many viewers claimed they did not get the 3D affect and that could possible to be due to the poor quality a normal TV has on 3D affects.  With the new, very first 3D LED TV’s coming to the market, millions of people will be purchasing them to make their children happy or just for their own entertainment.  After watching certain movies in 3D, especially movies like Toy Story, A Christmas Carol, and other Disney movies, and with the future release of Avatar, 3D TV’s and Blue Ray players will be in high demand.  People are no longer going to want just their ordinary movies; they are going to want to own their own 3D collections while enjoying the same effect as in the movie theater.

As Marywood students we all know that the Cinemark movie theater in Moosic, Pa is the place to go to see that hot new release.  Now at Cinemark, they have opened a new theater that is specially designed for 3D movies.  This new addition just happened recently. This new updated to the theater was necessary due to the new trend of 3D movies.  In order for Cinemark to remain one of the top theaters in this area, and to keep their customers, their new movie theater update was a good way to enhance their business.  Avatar was played in the new movie theater and several others have been up to this date.  3D movies are becoming so popular now that movies theaters all over the world, even the smaller ones, are going to have to start expanding and advancing with their theaters and creating new 3D ones.

Over the past few years, especially last year, 3D movies have been improving and changing the idea of “watching a movie” as a whole.  3D movies make the movie itself more adventurous and more entertaining.  3D technology has impacted us recently more so than ever before, and the love for 3D movies keeps expanding.  3D movies make us feel like we are a part of the movie, not just an outside observer.

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