Winds of Change

Marywood’s new wind turbine, located behind the Mellow Center, promotes sustainability while powering the new Aquatics Center. Photo Credit Lauren Reinhardt, staff photographer.

Alison Trautmann

The new wind turbine was installed in early August behind the Mellow Center.  It is part of Marywood’s ongoing effort to go green.  The electrical current goes straight into the Mellow Center and will automatically switch off if there is a power outage.

Myron Marcinek of the Maintenance Department noted that the new turbine has the ability to generate power at higher wind speeds without having to shut down.  Another benefit of the turbine is its ability to generate electricity faster due to its cone shape.  The company that produced the turbine also makes the claim that it is quite enough to study underneath.  So grab your books and head over to study beneath Marywood’s latest effort to go green.

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