Zombies invade campus for Halloween


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Students Janet Herington, Nadine Burton, and Amanda Marchese pose in their zombie makeup before SAC’s Zombies vs. Humans event.


Esperanza Gutierrez , Asst. Community Editor

Humans, zombies and blood, oh my!

On the night of Oct. 23, Marywood University was transformed into a zombie containment area.

The Student Activities Crew (SAC) organized the event, called Zombies vs. Humans, which involved zombies chasing humans. If caught, the human players were out of the game.

Kimberly Coleman, assistant director of SAC, said, that while the event is new to Marywood, it’s something popular on many other college campuses.

“Humans vs. Zombies is an event that is wide spread across several universities so we decided to make it a one night event at Marywood,” said Coleman.

At 5:30 p.m., zombies arrived at the Center for Athletics and Wellness for make-up. At 6:30 p.m. humans arrived, and at 7 p.m., the outdoor chase began.

An obstacle course began right behind the Center for Athletics and Wellness behind the Marian statue in the woods.

The first part was a walking path with creepy obstacles and the second part was the chase, where the zombies had to catch the humans.

Meryl Fioriti, senior actuary science major, decided to sign-up to be a zombie.

“I really like the make-up and I wanted to participate to make it more fun for the student body,” said Fioriti. “It was also something fun to do on campus on a Friday night.”

The zombies hid waiting for the humans to run past them. The humans had flag football belts on, and the zombies had to rip off the flags. If all ripped off, the humans didn’t “survive” at the end.

The last one wearing a flag was the winner was to be declared the winner. Surprisingly, no humans were caught by any zombies, so there was no official winner.

Imani Krikman, sophomore, history and political science/pre-law major, is a SAC shadow and came up with this event. Shadows learn how to coordinate school events and think of creative ideas.

“We thought that a Halloween-theme based event would work, so we chose to have zombies to make it more fun,” said Kirkman.

SAC hosts events every month. To learn more about SAC events, visit SAC’s page or sign up for e-2 Campus alerts.

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