Aloha, Sandy Claus!

By Christine Lauff
Staff Writer

Marywood’s Annual Holiday Dinner was held on Friday, December 5 in the Main Dining Room in Nazareth Student Center. Approximately 300 Marywood students and faculty members were in attendance.

“Hawaiian Holiday” was this year’s dinner theme. Prior to the event, coordinator Justine Didizian described plans including a flamingo toss, smoothies, a palm tree ice sculpture, Hawaiian-themed food, and visit from “Sandy” Claus.

A week before the Dinner, committee member Alicia Capazzi remarked, “This year’s theme will make us feel like we’re in paradise instead of in freezing Pennsylvania.”

The Holiday Dinner is organized exclusively by members of the Student Government Association. Each year it has been a very successful and well put together event. “The Holiday Dinner is a great way for all of the students to come together and celebrate Christmas and relax before finals,” said Monica Bixby, a sophomore. It is a nice way to spend time with friends before the long Christmas break.