Scranton Tea Party Rally

By Kevin Zwick
Staff Writer

Roughly 200 protesters rallied in front of the Lackawanna County Courthouse on April 15th as part of the “National Tax Day Tea Party,” which was a protest against the current government and how it has handled the tax payer-funded bailouts of the financial system.

Many protestors at the Scranton rally held signs which read “NO BIG GOVERNMENT” and “Party like it is 1773.” Other protesters waved the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t tread on me”) and the Stars and Stripes as a form of protest, while some wore hats with tea bags hanging from them.

Throughout the two-hour event different speakers, ranging from Old Forge School Board member Frank Scavo to stay-at-home moms, railed the crowd in Scranton.

“Hopefully this day will be remembered…like Lexington and Concord,” said one speaker.

Throughout the protest, Mr. Scavo phoned the offices of Congressmen Kanjorski (D-11) and Chris Carney (D-10), allowing the crowd to shout “No new taxes.” The offices of Senators Casey (D-Pa) and Specter (R-Pa) were called as well.

Nationally, these Tea Parties have received support from Right-Wing pundits and politicians, such as Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity. Although a number of the protests across the country have been Anti-Obama and Anti-Democrat, the Scranton protest was open to both Republican and Democratic supporters.

All Photos by Kevin Zwick