Architecture Club holds Beaux Arts Ball

The Beaux Arts Ball
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The Architecture Club recently held the first Beaux Arts Ball in the Architecture building.

Kaitlyn Jones, sophomore Ar­chitecture major and president of the Architecture Club, said that this kind of Ball is a tradition normally held by architecture schools. The tradition began in France at the National Acad­emy of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture. “We decided that we wanted to start the tradition here at Marywood to hold our own,” said Jones. The planning began last year but was postponed un­til this year when there would be more time and resources avail­able.

The tradition of Beaux Arts Balls generally includes a design contest. The students design things such as a mask, costume, or centerpiece. Some schools actually have students design the stage for the DJ said Jones. Stu­dents attending the Beaux Arts Ball designed masks and Victori­an style ornaments for the design competition.

“The Ball is actually a char­ity fundraiser. This year we raised money to replace the tree for the Scranton Ballet Theatre.” The Ballet performs the Nutcracker each December and the new tree will be decorated with Victorian ornaments designed by students from the School of Architecture.

The Ball is very school ori­ented, stated Jones. The event was catered by Chartwells, and Marywood student, Ryan Jones, provided the music for attendees.

The goal is for this Ball to become an annual event for the School of Architecture. “It’s a lot of planning but it will be very worth it” said Jones.

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