Marywood ROTC members find themselves in a fight

Elysabethe Brown
News Editor

Late on the night of November 6, four of Marywood’s Reserve Officers Training Core students found themselves in the midst of punches, kicking and stabbing.

According to Andrew Wy­check, student at Marywood University, the fight broke out in the parking lot of Goodfellas on Mulberry Street; around 12 a.m. Wycheck and three of his ROTC friends were driving home from the pizza restaurant when a man about their age was thrown onto their car. “The antenna was bent,” Jake Scott, another Marywood Student, said. Wycheck, Scott, and Jordan Lelnard, of the Uni­versity of Scranton, got out of the car to get the guy off of the car and make sure he was okay.

According to the ROTC stu­dents the victim had been thrown onto Ian Poshka’s car, another Marywood student, by about ten football players, from Lacka­wanna College gathered around the car. Lelnard was the first to get hit. He went down to the ground, and was kicked in the face, resulting in a concussion.

Scott was the second to be hit, and then Wycheck. “I remember getting hit and going down on the ground…I’m tougher than Andrew though,” laughed Scott, motioning to Andrew Wycheck’s large dark bruise under his left eye. “I guess I just bruise easy,” Wycheck said sarcastically.

The ROTC students saw blood on the ground, and soon learned that the victim, who had been thrown onto their car, had been stabbed.

The ROTC students got into their car and started driving away, until the police stopped them to ask questions. One of the football players was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. They remained at the scene with the police and a detective for about 2 hours, before taking Lelnard to the hospital. He remained at the hospital overnight to be treated for his concussion.

The next day Wycheck said he was coughing up blood and de­cided to go to the hospital, where he had a CAT scan and X ray.

The victim, despite being stabbed and badly beaten, was taken to the Community Medical Center, and was declared ok.
When asked if they regret get­ting out of the car, the boys seem more worried about the well-be­ing of the victim, and that their friend Jordan Lelnard had gotten a concussion.

“Looking back I don’t think we realized how intense it was. We could’ve all got stabbed or shot even. I think we all regret Jordan getting hurt,” Wycheck said.

“But think what would have happened to that guy [the victim]. I just hope we helped him.” Scott said.

“I regret not hittin’ em’ and just driving away,” laughed Posh­ka, who had remained inside the car.

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