Student activity fee sees 25% increase

Elysabethe Brown, News Editor

Marywood University students this semester swallowed a 25% hike in their student activity fees, which rose to $250 from $200, but it is unclear exactly how the extra money is being used, or why it was needed in the first place.

With a full-time equivalent undergraduate population of around 2,150, based on the university’s most recent fact book, the rise in the student activity fee would translate into more than $100,000 in additional funding.

When university administrators were questioned on how and where that money would be used, they were either unwilling or unable to explain.

Joseph Garvey, Marywood’s vice president for business affairs and treasurer, told The Wood Word that 80% of student activity fees are budgeted for student activities, which can include anything from money budgeted to clubs who organize campus events to purchasing furniture in the Fireplace Lounge. The remaining 20% is used for administrative purposes in the office of student life.

Carl Oliveri, director of student activities, wasn’t even aware that the student activity fee had increased.
Garvey, meanwhile, refused to share any budget or any other University financial data with The Wood Word, leaving many students to wonder just how the extra funds will actually be used.

“It’s annoying,” Sierra Bradley, a junior clinical psychology student, said. “There’s all this money going places and … I’m not getting anything out of it.”

Oliveri conceded that the administration’s communication about the student activity fee and other fees were not handled as well as they could have been.

“Students weren’t really notified in the best way,” he admitted. “When we don’t really get the information—you know, [when] we get it second hand—it’s kind of difficult.”

In addition to the student activity fee, parking at Marywood also became more expensive this semester, with the cost of a parking permit jumping 33% to $200.