SGA holds executive cabinet elections for first time in 5 years


Junior Teal Porrini and Sophomore Alexander “Texas” Fallek are running for SGA President and Vice President

Brigid Edmunds, Assistant News Editor

**Update: The election results were: Teal Porrini – President, Alexander “Texas” Fallek -Vice President, Public Affairs Officer – Thomas Muscarello, and Secretary – Sarah Wheeler, who ran unopposed.

For the first time since at least 2008, Marywood’s Student Government Association (SGA) is holding elections for three of its executive cabinet positions – president, vice president, and public affairs officer.

In the past, elections were not necessary because students running for executive cabinet did not face any opposition. This year, however, that is not the case.

Teal Porrini, junior painting major, is running for president with Alexander “Texas” Fallek, sophomore business and finance double major, as vice president. Both currently serve on the executive cabinet, Porrini as head of senate and Fallek as secretary.

Porrini said she wants to be a force of change for Marywood.

“I would like to instill a greater sense of pride on our campus and community,” she stated.

Part of Porrini’s and Fallek’s platform is to work on developing a better method of communication between faculty and students on campus and getting a new athletics mascot.

Fallek said he wants to make an impact on campus and that experience is important in SGA. He believes that to be qualified for the executive cabinet means “you have had previous experiences working with faculty and staff on campus, who you will have to end up working with,” he explained.


Running against Porrini and Fallek are newcomers Brian Nargi, junior social studies secondary education major, and Russell Baldino, sophomore architecture major. Nargi’s slogan for their campaign is “Believe in Marywood.” Their platform is to represent the students.

Although Nargi isn’t currently an active member of SGA, he was class president in high school and is interested in doing something for the Marywood community.

“[SGA] is doing a great job, and I appreciate what they’re doing. I thought maybe it was my time to come in,” stated Nargi.

Nargi is also interested in helping commuters with issues like meal plans and just not feeling a part of campus life because they don’t reside here.

Both teams running for office have very similar ideas about how they want to advance the community here on campus and how to make students proud of their school.

The candidates for public affairs officer include Ashleigh Gillet, junior psychology major; Leigha Dolcemascolo, junior biology major; and Thomas Muscarello, sophomore digital media and broadcasting major.

Elections will be held Monday, March 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in front of the Main Dining Room.