Nursing students receive blessing of hands in new ceremony


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Rachel Looker, Asst. News Editor

The “Blessing of the Hands” ceremony, a new tradition for the nursing department, was held on Jan. 28 in the Marian Chapel.

The ceremony honors sophomore students who are about to begin their first clinical experiences.

These students will begin to apply the knowledge they have accumulated from their studies in real world applications.

Dr. Barbara Higgins, chair of the nursing department, said the ceremony “recognizes the work other nurses and health care providers do.”

Sr. Anne Munley, IHM., Ph.D, president and Sr. Catherine Luxner, IHM, director of Campus Ministry, began the ceremony by blessing nursing faculty members’ hands. The nursing faculty then blessed sophomore nursing students and other caregivers that were present at the ceremony. Junior and senior nursing students also participated in the occasion.

Students’ families, friends and many of those involved in the nursing program attended the event.

“It gave me such a sense of excitement that all of my hard work is finally going to pay off because I will be doing something I love every day,” said Christina Hernandez, sophomore nursing major.

According to Higgins, the “Blessing of the Hands” ceremony has been used in many other nursing programs and is a common practice at different health care institutions.

“I was surprised and excited that the nursing department was very supportive in bringing this ceremony to Marywood,” said Higgins.

Sr. Cathy said the ceremony represents the “core values of Marywood and caring values of the profession of nursing.”

“It was a significant moment for students, and with their families there, it made the ceremony very special,” said Sr. Cathy.

“I hope this will be a tradition that continues on for many years,” concluded Higgins.

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