Move of Late Night to the Learning Commons brings changes


Photo credit/ Kelsey Van Horn

Rachel Looker, Asst. News Editor

Maybe they are trying to give students a hint–if you’re going to stay up late and eat, you might as well also study.

Starting in Spring semester, Late Night dining is now offered in the new Learning Commons instead of in the Nazareth dining hall.

As a result, the Late Night menu has also changed.

According to Austin Fernandez, student government association’s food services representative, the late night food has changed because Chartwells employees cannot prepare certain foods at the Learning Commons.

“The reason why the food is changed is they actually can’t prepare that much food here,” said Fernandez.

According to Fernandez, the Learning Commons does not have a fryer or ventilation.

Fernandez said Chartwells employees bring food from Nazareth to the Learning Commons. The food is prepared in the kitchen at Nazareth, kept warm, and brought over to the Learning Commons ready to serve.

“They can’t offer what they used to because they can’t prepare it,” said Fernandez.

The location of Late Night was changed because the Learning Commons is the more central location on campus, according to Fernandez.

“They wanted this [the Learning Commons] to be the main focus of campus,” said Fernandez. “They have this brand new café that they are able to keep open from when it opens in the morning all the way through late night without it closing.”

As the year progresses, Chartwells is trying to offer new foods at Late Night. This semester, Chartwells has served mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, pizza and other specials such as stuffed shells and chicken wings.

“They are working to offer greater variety at late night which I think has been happening,” said Fernandez.

Marc Krause, sophomore architecture major, thinks the new Late Night food is different, but he is getting used to it being served in the new facility.

“I liked it before with the options,” said Krause. “I think if they bring back more of the fried foods that they had a lot of people would enjoy that.”

Corryn Brown, junior art therapy major, is not happy with the move of Late Night to the Learning Commons.

“The selection is limited and costs more,” said Brown.

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