Bernie Sanders campaigns for Hillary Clinton at Scranton High School

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McKensie Curnow, A&E Editor

Former Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, along with several other speakers, visited Scranton High School on Saturday, Oct. 8, to campaign for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The event kicked off around 10 a.m. with a performance of the National Anthem by two Crestwood School District students and an introduction to the event by Davis Klaybo, Wayne County’s coordinated campaign organizer of PA Victory 2016.

Other speakers included former middle school teacher Lauren McCormack, Regional Field Director for the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) John Holland, President of the Scranton Federation of Teachers and Executive Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania Rosemary Boland, PSEA Vice President Dolores McCracken, Vice President of the National Education Association Becky Pringle, Senator Bob Casey and Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty.

During McGinty’s speech, she stressed that she stands for the dignity of women.

“Never, ever a President Trump,” McGinty chanted with the audience.

After concluding her speech, McGinty welcomed Bernie Sanders to the stage.

Sanders greeted the audience with a huge grin and enthusiastically asked, “are you ready to be bored?”

A roar of cheers and claps from the audience followed Bernie’s first statement.

Sanders covered several political issues and topics such as jobs, taxes, healthcare and affordable schooling.

Sanders told audience members that their presence tells him they “understand democracy is not a spectator’s sport, especially when we have a billionaire class that wants it all.”
“Our job is to educate, to organize, to fight back, to create a government that represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors,” said Sanders.

Sanders stressed how important it is that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump does not become president.

“I think you will conclude without a shadow of a doubt, that on every major issue facing the American people, Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate for President of the United States,” said Sanders.

Sanders criticized Trump’s “ugly attitude, unacceptable attitude, predatory attitude toward women,” as well as Trump’s recent tax scandal.

Sanders questioned why American citizens such as teachers, firefighters and cops pay taxes, while billionaires find a way around it.

“And then to make an obscured situation even worse, Trump wants to give even more tax breaks to the billionaire class,” said Sanders.

Sanders said he believes Trump would negatively affect our country and social progress.
“The cornerstone of [Trump’s] campaign is bigotry and dividing us up,” said Sanders.

Sanders concluded his speech by explaining the importance of coming together as a country and working hand in hand beyond Election Day.

“The greed of the billionaire class is destroying this country. Hillary Clinton alone cannot solve that. Katie McGinty and the Senate alone cannot solve that. We need millions of people to come together, to stand together,” said Sanders.

Twelve-year-old Campaign Volunteer, Rowan Winch of Emaus, was excited to be helping out at the event.

“I thought it would be really cool to see Bernie Sanders and help out with the campaign,” said Winch.

An enthusiastic Clinton supporter, Barb Keogh of Moosic, said she thinks Clinton is the superior candidate and has the potential to be “one of the best presidents we’ve ever had in the United States of America.”

When asked what she thinks about Sanders campaigning for Hillary, Keogh said, “I think it’s fabulous that he finally came around to go for Hillary, and I think it should make our nation stronger together.”

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