Marywood mourns loss of Religious Studies Adjunct Professor Rev. Virginia Miner


Photo credit: Bethany Wade

Rachel Looker

Marywood Religious Studies Adjunct Professor Rev. Virginia Miner passed away on Feb. 19, according to a Facebook post from the Peckville United Methodist Church.

Chair of Marywood’s Religious Studies Department Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer said, “we highly, highly valued and respected her.”

Miner was scheduled to teach a Contemporary Protestantism course this semester, but was admitted to the hospital a week before school started, according to Zimmer.

“I will miss her very much. She was such an asset for our students and to the whole community,” Zimmer said. “She was so well-respected within the larger Scranton community for the service she did for people.”

Zimmer added that Miner was also highly respected by her students.

Junior Music Education Major Jonathan Mengoni and Junior Music Performance Major Ricky Baublitz both took Miner’s modern belief class and are enrolled in the Contemporary Protestantism class this semester.

“We loved her so much [that] we wanted to take another class with her,” Mengoni said.

Mengoni and Baublitz said that Miner was a great lecturer. They added that Miner acknowledged students’ different religious backgrounds and took that into account during her class.

“She never was biased about the different religions she was teaching,” said Baublitz.

Both Mengoni and Baublitz said they would stay after their Modern Belief class to talk with Miner about religious topics and how they would intertwine with politics or anything else that was going on in their lives.

“She cared about everyone,” Mengoni said.

Update: According to Miner’s obituary, she passed away at Hospice of the Sacred Heart in Dunmore.

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