SGA executive cabinet for next year announced; nominees win positions unopposed

SGA executive cabinet for next year announced; nominees win positions unopposed

Briana Ryan

The Student Government Association (SGA) made history last week after every member running for a position on next year’s executive cabinet ran unopposed.

Next year’s executive cabinet members are Brandon Morley as president, Ryan Calamia as vice president, Alexis Palys as secretary and Madi Harm as chief funding officer.

The executive cabinet communications manager position has yet to be filled.

According to current SGA President Jenna Edmonds, the number of candidates that registered to run was out of the ordinary.

“There have been times in the past where a person running for a single position ran unopposed, but this is the first time that every person ran unopposed across the board,” said Edmonds.

Edmonds said she believes the lack of underclassmen involved in SGA is the reason for the lack of competition.

“There are mainly a lot of seniors involved in SGA so it’s been difficult getting underclassmen involved in the process,” she said.

During last Tuesday’s meeting, current Vice President and President-elect Morley said the lack of opposition is bad.

“The decisions that SGA make affect the entire student body so we need to have more people heard in campaigning and voting,” said Morley.

Edmonds said that SGA members are in the process of discussing ways to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

“We’re working on trying to recruit more members so that more people can run for positions in the executive cabinet,” said Edmonds.

Applications to run for SGA representative positions were emailed to all students. Voting for representatives will take place electronically on April 24.

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