NEWS BRIEF: Marywood unveils university seal under Memorial Arch


Maywood's Memorial Arch now features a bronze version of the university's seal. Photo credit: Tatiana Tell

Tatiana Tell

Marywood’s Memorial Arch now features a bronze version of the university’s seal.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Wendy Yankelitis said the reasoning behind adding the seal was to acknowledge the arch’s 116-year history.

“The arch is sort of our front door,” she said. “It’s part of our history. It’s been here forever.”

Yankelitis said she was surprised by how many people talk about the space and take pictures in front of the arch.

“Through the process, I got to learn more about how important that arch is to Marywood and the neighborhood,” she said.

Yakelitis said the buildings and grounds department hopes to do further renovations near the arch, including updating the sidewalks and creating a landscape wall.

Briana Ryan contributed to this article.

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