NEWS BRIEF: ‘Get out the vote’ efforts planned for U.S. midterm election

NEWS BRIEF: Get out the vote efforts planned for U.S. midterm election

Brooke Williams

Marywood is making it easy for students to get out to vote in the U.S. midterm election tomorrow.

The Marywood shuttle will be available for free from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday with pickups at the Learning Commons and behind the McGowan Center to take students to the Robert Morris Elementary School polling location in Scranton to vote.

Tables will also be set up at the Learning Commons with laptops so students can look up their specific polling locations. Volunteers at the tables will provide information on voting rights and what to bring to the polls.

Associate Professor of English Dr. Erin Sadlack said St. Clare’s Church on North Washington Avenue is another common polling location, so the planners behind these events hope that some groups will walk down there together to vote.

She said these “get out the vote” efforts are non-partisan and aimed at helping people access and take advantage of their right to vote regardless of their political views.

“It’s so important that the students’ voices are raised no matter who they vote for,” Sadlack said. “Even if they don’t like any of the candidates, they should go and write someone in because the more people see young people voting, the more inclined they are to pay attention to the issues that young people face.”

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