Hurricane Sandy drive helps victims who are still in need

Mandy Scritchfield, Assistant Community Editor

For some people, Hurricane Sandy ended as soon as the news stopped reporting on it. For others, the heartache remains, as the victims slowly put their lives back together again.

The Professional Staff Senate Service Committee has been sponsoring a supply donation drive to help Hurricane Sandy survivors regain their stability and rebuild.

The Professional Staff Senate Service Committee is a sub-section of the Professional Staff Senate. It works to help others and advance the Marywood mission.

Ann O’Brien, assistant director for service-learning and community service, is one of the members in charge of the event.

“We try to come up with a service project that fits into our work day or something on a weekend,” she said. “We’ve only done one other project besides this so far, but there’s been a good response. We’ll keep it going.”

According to Meghan Cruciani, president of the professional staff senate, the group has been collecting items for the past five weeks. The collected items include spray cleaners, safety goggles, Clorox wipes, laundry detergent, and soap.

“We go by what the greatest need still is,” said O’Brien.

Guyon Rescue in Staten Island, NY, sent a list of items most needed for the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. O’Brien then shared the list with those on the committee.

Lisa Casella, associate director for university admissions and supervisor of the drive, said that anyone can make a donation. There are drop off locations all over campus.

“Whatever it might be, these are our neighbors and these are our friends. Even though they’re not in our immediate backyard at Marywood, we still feel like there’s this ability to reach out to them,” said Casella.

Those wishing to make a donation to the drive for Hurricane Sandy victims may drop off items with the following professional staff officers: Ann O’Brien, Swartz Center for Spiritual Life 132, Meghan Cruciani, LAC 227, or Lisa Casella, LAC 120R. The drive will run until Friday, March 1.