Adderall Abuse on the Rise

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By Katie O’Neil
Staff Writer

Did you ever feel too tired or unfocused to study? Did you wish that you could find some way to study better? Some students think that they have found a solution by taking an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) medicine called Adderall. Many students believe that this can help them study better by blocking out the distractions, like television, noisy roommates, music, loud noises, etc. Also, they take it to stay up longer to study at all hours of the night.

Now these perks may sound attractive, but they can never outweigh the risk and side effects of Adderall.

Adderall was originally intended to balance the brain receptors in children and adults who have ADHD in order to help them concentrate. However, most people do not know that it is actually an addictive narcotic that has many side effects ranging from simple dizziness to sudden death, especially for people who do not actually need the drug. This medication is a highly addictive substance that can only be obtained legally by prescription. When in the body, Adderall affects each system in the body, like the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. The least severe side effects are dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, shortness of breath and abdominal cramps. This also suppresses the appetite, which can lead to weight loss and nutrition deprivation.

When Adderall is in the system, your brain stops functioning as it does now. It chemically alters the body by altering the brain receptors. If the body does not have ADHD, the medicine fluctuates the brain chemicals, like Serotonin, which make the brain function incorrectly. This can cause depression, which occurs when the brain receptors are not moving fast enough. According to an anonymous worker from an Emergency Room, college is one of the most stressful times in life with school work and other pressures. When depression, drug abuse, and stress mix, a person will develop suicidal tendencies. Also, it is known to cause insomnia. Because it impairs you body to sleep, psychosis can develop, which leads to hallucinations, hearing voices, and interrupts a person’s thought process.

Now if this does not seem that bad, Adderall can have even more dire side effects when mixed with any other medications. For instance, if taken with caffeine, it can cause the heart to fibrillate, and if this is not caught in time, the person will die.

Today, this abuse across campuses does not just exist for studying purposes. Students who want a better high while partying will take Adderall while drinking. Adderall allows you to remain more alert and feel less drunk, thus allowing you to drink more. This can easily lead to alcohol poisoning. With this combination, many issues occur. It can suppress breathing and increase heart rate, which can lead to cardiac arrest, seizures, stroke, and sudden death.

Besides the major physical side effects, there are many judicial punishments involved in abusing narcotics. If a person sells his or her prescription Adderall, then he or she will be arrested for dealing narcotics.

There are many other options for taking Adderall. If a person suffers from ADHD, this can be a very worthwhile medication. However, if this is not being taken for medical purposes, the habit should be stopped. If you have a problem that you need to talk about, see a counselor. In fact, Marywood has an excellent counseling center, which can be reached at (570) 348-6211. Also, these services are free! If they cannot help you, then they will find someone who can. There are support groups, friends, and counselors here to help. The best idea though is to get off it and stay off it!

Now, if there you ever felt the need or desire to take Adderall or any other kind of medication to help you study, there are many other options a person could explore first. For example, find a quiet room, make sure there is good lighting, go to the library, go to the Academic Excellence center, or study with a group of friends.

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