Are New Year's Resolutions a Waste of Time?

By Marie Fitzsimmons
Outlook Editor

A new year, a new beginning! Right before January 1st many of us think about what we want to accomplish or change during the next year.

Some of us will want to change our bad habits and lose weight, exercise more or stop smoking. Basically we want to become healthier, happier and better individuals.

Those are just some of the common yearly resolutions that are made. But resolutions can vary extremely depending on the person.

Making resolutions each New Year has become a yearly tradition and ritual for most people. It’s a new start and it gives us hope which we should use as inspiration.

Especially this year, our whole country is going through a time of change with the inauguration of a new president. Why not become a part of it?

Although most people’s resolutions fade out by February, it doesn’t mean you should lose faith or not bother making a resolution at all.

This year can be different as long as you stay committed to your resolution.

Even if you already gave up on your resolution there is still time to get back on track.

No matter what time of year it is we all have the ability to change.

As long as we stay positive and we have confidence in ourselves we can do anything.

It’s going to be hard and troublesome but once we break our bad habits it will all be worth it in the end.

First we must set realistic goals and be specific about our resolution. A good way not to forget about your resolution is to write it down on a big piece of paper and tape it to the wall or mirror. This will help remind you everyday and it will also encourage you.

We need to be ready for the challenge and reward ourselves when we reach our goal.

Ask for support from friends and family they may have similar goals and you can work on them together. It’s hard doing it on your own.

We can not make excuses or give into temptation. Willpower is not always enough. In order to achieve your goals you have to stay strong and believe in yourself.

Don’t give up and never abandon your resolutions because one year you might just succeed! Although it takes a lot of sacrifices it will allow you to become the person you want to be. 2009 can be the year! It’s not too late!