Pajamas to class, are you for or against it?

Jeremy Barket
Layout & Web Editor

He said…
Okay, we’ve all seen them.  Pink Floyd themed.  Pigs with wings themed.  Solid colored, flannel, generally non-form fitting, and the just rolled out of bed and came to class look.  Pajamas. Personally, I find nothing wrong with wearing pajamas to class. It’s college. For many of us, this is the last phase we will go through on the path to our careers.

So who cares if one doesn’t have enough time to pull out their ‘normal’ clothes and wear them to class?  I myself am a commuter at Marywood University and would give pretty much anything for a chance to sleep an extra 5 minutes by wearing my pajamas to class.

First of all, when you wear pajamas you are obviously giving the impression of “I don’t really care how this looks, I am comfortable and that’s all I care about.”What else do students normally wear that’s comfortable? Sweat pants and hoodies. What is the difference between wearing sweatpants because they’re comfortable, or wearing pajamas because they’re comfortable? Not much.

Secondly, if you judge people by the clothes they wear, you should look in a mirror and judge yourself.  This isn’t a beauty pageant, and there’s no award for being best dressed.  How could you say you don’t like when others wear pajamas to school, especially when half of the students
wear rain boots for a light drizzle.

Also, the person who shows up to a morning class with clothes perfectly matching, flawless hair, and gorgeous makeup obviously put some time and effort into that look.  Meaning they probably went to bed early.  Meaning the night before consisted of sitting around watching television. Boring.

Essentially, who cares if someone wears pajamas to school?  Nobody’s dressing to impress you and this is one of the last chances before entering the workplace to dress like you don’t care how you look.  Before you judge other people on how they dress, you should look at yourself – because chances are, you’re no knock-out either.

Donya Albert
Staff Writer

She said…

Pajamas should never leave your apartment, dorm, igloo, or wherever it is that you sleep at night. Pajamas are designed specifically for sleeping, and NO it’s not adorable or cute to give off the look
that you just rolled out of bed and came to class in your lounge wear.  I understand that there can be a certain appeal to wearing pajamas to class if you live on campus because you’re not really leaving the premises. I don’t buy it.

At this point we’re old enough to start acting like the grown-ups we intend to be before graduation, so dress for the position you want, not the position you hold.  It’s in poor taste to go out in pajamas. You could not give me one situation where I would agree that wearing pajamas to class is justified. We all have days when things just don’t fit right, go with the school spirit sweats!

Ladies, your closet should have at least one velour sweat suit for days when things are not sitting on our bodies as they should. You can find sturdy, inexpensive pairs at K-mart! I’m talking twelve bucks and now you look relaxed rather than “wow….long night?”

Guys, same idea but don’t go with the velour. The same store has multiple brands, and they even have big and tall accommodations. Just go with a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. You’ll feel comfortable and I won’t have the eyesore that causes me to ask “is he serious?”

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