Letter to the Editor: Recognition for kindness on campus


Dear editor,

In order to express my appreciation to unknown Marywood students, I am forced to confess to being a klutz and taking a frightening fall on the road in front of the Liberal Arts Center on April 15. I was getting out of a car while carrying a bag of books to donate to the Learning Commons book sale.

Although I have recovered quickly, thank goodness, the incident was alarming because I fell forward onto my face and was bleeding and dazed. My purse, glasses, and the books were strewn about the road.

Marywood students, whose names are unknown to me, came running to help immediately. They checked on my condition, ran to get a wet paper towel to help stop the bleeding, gathered my possessions, helped me up from the street, and walked me back to the car. One young gentleman even offered to take my bag of books to the library for me.

As a secretary, I work with Marywood students every day with great pleasure. So, I am not really surprised by this kindness, but I think they deserve a shout-out for their solicitous and quick reaction to my accident.

Thank you one and all!

Maureen Hart