10 Questions: Shannon Gillena

By Jamee Horgan
Staff Writer

Who: Shannon Gillena

Year: Junior

Major: Athletic training major

Sport: Lacrosse

Shannon Gillena. Photo Credit: mupacers.com

Favorite  Ice Cream Flavor:

Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Hobbies:

Playing lacrosse, working out, hanging with my friends and roomies and working at the Lackawanna Ambulance

Favorite Color:

Royal blue, of course

Dream Vacation Destination:

Disney World, no matter how many times I’ve been there

Favorite TV Show:


Best Lacrosse Season:

In my senior year of high school my lacrosse team were tri champs in the league and got a banner for our school’s gym. It was our school’s first ever banner for girls lacrosse.

Favorite Celebrity:

Shelby Yeager

If you could eat lunch with anyone famous, dead or alive who would it be:

Zach Parise, from the NJ Devils

Favorite Band:

All American Rejects

Best Movie Ever:

Patch Adams