10 Questions: Tim Kropa

By Robin Trojanowicz
Staff Writer

Who: Tim Kropa

Major: Athletic Training & Phys Ed

Sport: Men’s Soccer

Tim Kropa. Photo Credit: mupacers.com

Favorite color

My favorite color is probably white, just because it is so clean.

Favorite food

I’m a big fan of meatballs, so anything from spaghetti to a meatball sub I’ll love.

Favorite type of music/band

I get made fun of, but there is no comparison to John Mayer.

Favorite subject in high school or now in college

In high school, I always liked English, but when college rolled around, I became pretty fond of anatomy.

Favorite hobby aside from soccer

Music. I love music. I play lead guitar in a band, along with a few other musical instruments like the bass, harmonica, violin, and a very tiny bit of piano.

Favorite movie

Call me a nerd, but I like Star Wars, the original three, not so much the newer ones.

Favorite TV show

I liked Lost before I got lost, so now I’d say Scrubs.

Favorite soccer team/other sports team

In terms of soccer teams, I follow a club called Manchester United. But outside the world of soccer, I’m a huge college football fan, and if it’s anything other than Penn State, it’s no good.

Favorite animal

Cats, big cats, like lions and tigers

Favorite high school teacher/college professor

In high school, it was a man named Mr. Steele. He taught English. In college, so far, I have liked Mrs. Emmel, who taught anatomy and physiology my freshman year