10 Questions: Dominique Kozuch

By Christian Wagner
Sports Editor

Name: Dominique Kozuch
Major: Art Education
Position on team: Keeper

Dominique Kozuch. Photo Credit: mupacers.com


Nika & Dom .. nothing fancy!

Favorite band:

Brand New. I’ve seen them three times and I’ll be seeing them again in November.

Favorite actor:

Jude Law because he is super dreamy.

Favorite flavor of ice cream:

Definitely Birthday Batter in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Most memorable soccer moment:

During a big game against Western Wayne in my junior year of high school, I slide tackled the number one scorer in the the divison and left her in a leg lock. She got up, spit at me, and kicked me. The referee red carded her! Also, being interviewed for the Fox 56 Highschool Sports Show after our 5-1 win over Dunmore for the District 2 AA title.

Hidden talent(s):

I’m not very talented .. I once ate a whole pack of Oreos in a day.

Favorite class at Marywood?

It’s a toss-up between 3D Design & Basic Drawing.


I love doing anything that keeps me from being idle. I really enjoy nature walks, playing tennis, soccer, and softball, painting, and photography.

Favorite color:

Yellow, but green and orange are runner-ups.

Favorite food:

Oh man, I love eating; it’s hard to pick one! I love deep fried pierogies, Caesar salads, strawberries, and fettuccine alfredo.