10 Questions: Tyler Reinhard

By Sean Werner
Staff Writer

Name: Tyler Reinhard
Major: Criminal Justice
Sport: Basketball

Tyler Reinhard. Photo Credit: mupacers.com


Shooting guard


Working out, listening to music and playing video games

What’s your favorite type of music:

Hip-Hop and R&B

Favorite artist(s):

Lil’ Wayne and John Legend

Pre-game basketball rituals:

I always make sure I’m wearing two pairs of socks

Favorite meal:

Italian marinated chicken breast not breaded, with garlic mashed potatoes, along with corn on the cob with tons of salt and butter, and an ice cold Gatorade

Favorite subject in high school:

Definitely math with Pete Lardieri, the guy knew everything!

Favorite movie:

Wedding Crashers

Favorite sports team:

Dallas Cowboys!

What do you drive:

My new car is a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim which I call “The Ride”, and I also ride a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja