Online Exclusive: Crossfitters work out to raise money for Scranton baby girl


Dave Scarnato, Sports Co-Editor

Crossfit Scranton took their workouts to the streets, literally.

On Saturday, March 3, Crossfit Scranton held a fundraiser workout session on Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton, all to benefit a baby girl from Scranton named Aubree DeFazio, who has been battling for her life since birth.

Since entering into the world, she has spent her life in the hospital due to complications. She needs hourly care, which can be very expensive. That is why Crossfit Scranton decided to hold a benefit workout, raising money for her family.

A Crossfit workout is very grueling; athletes test their strength, stamina and mind by participating in military style workouts that give them little time for rest. Athletes worked out for 20 minutes straight, doing everything from running with sandbags on their backs, to sit-ups, to squats, all for Aubree.

Besides getting in shape, the organization is all about reaching out to the community.

“This event is a big opportunity to show the whole community that we are not only about fitness, but about giving back to people who are in need,” said Thomas Casey, owner of Crossfit Scranton.

And he was right. More than 100 athletes showed up to put their bodies to work for Aubree. The event raised over $3,500 for Aubree.

“Knowing that you are out there putting your body through pain for someone who deals with pain every day and raising money at the same time is a pretty amazing feeling,” said senior English major Jeremy White. “It makes you want to work even harder while doing the workout.”