Sensei Siemong Wang Brings Martial Arts to Marywood Campus


Erica Nealon, Assistant Sports Editor

The Karate Club is the newest group on campus. The club introduces martial arts along with Asian culture. It is led by Sensei Siemong Wang, who is a well respected karate instructor in the local community.

Wang is a Marywood alumni and has come back to continue the program he started. When Wang was a freshman at Marywood, he began karate training and decided to bring it to campus and the karate club began. “I enjoy every moment of training and teaching,” Wang said.

He has been recognized all over the world for his karate skills, being named karate master from Japan, as well as winning a national karate championship in China back in 1974.

The classes are open for any level of karate students, meaning limited experience is welcome. Wang has students ranging from beginners to experienced students that have earned belts from past karate instruction.

“It’s a unique skill and interesting class that is offered to us. It’s different than all the other classes offered here,” student Ryan Duggan said.

Wang also teaches classes locally at the Taylor Community Center and at several places in New Jersey. He has also taught classes in various countries including Japan, France, and Germany.

The club is open not only to Marywood students, but also to faculty, staff, and alumni, bringing the entire Marywood community together.

Wang also offers a karate class for credit that students are welcome to take.

Classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday in the dance studio at the Mellow Center. The Tuesday classes are 7-8 p.m. and Thursday classes are 6:15 – 7:30 p.m.

“I like these classes because they give students experience in the martial arts, but also give them confidence,” Wang said.