Local women invade Marywood basketball

Local women invade Marywood basketball

Erica Nealon, Sports Editor

When you put a Spartan, a Classic, three Bucks, an Invader, and a Viking together, you’d think it would be a recipe for a rivalry disaster. But, this year’s women’s basketball team has been more magic than disaster.

Seven local women make up almost half of the team for the Pacers. Girls from Dunmore, Scranton Prep, West Scranton, Riverside, and Mid Valley who have grown up playing with and against each other all made the decision to play here.

Danielle Teranella, Lindsey Schroth, Brittany Mang, Nora Joyce, Alexa Gerchman, Courtney Murray, Ashley Murray, and Morgann Haduck have played the game of basketball together from the small courts of St. Ann’s and Holy Cross all the way to the Mellow Center at Marywood. Watching them play for the Pacers now, one would never know they had played against each other for most of their basketball careers.

“It’s great for the University,” said Coach Tara Macciocco. “It’s a recruiting tool. It brings more fans to the games, and since they’ve all played together for so many years, it brings a great dynamic to the team.”

Their rivalries in high school have made their transition to becoming a team a little bit easier. Sophomore Ashley Murray described how they have learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which makes them click even better on the court.

“We knew how to scout each other when we were playing each other in high school. You know how to play them defensively and offensively, you know how to work with them too,” Ashley Murray described. “When you become teammates, you work even better together.”

Three of these girls have transferred to Marywood in the last year, coming back to play ball. Danielle Taranella was one of them. “I missed basketball. I didn’t play at West Chester,” said Taranella.

Nora Joyce had played ball for Susquehanna, but then decided she would rather be at Marywood. “I just wanted to be home,” said Joyce.

Alexa Gerchman transferred to Marywood for the familiarity of the people. “I didn’t like where I was and I knew a lot of people here,” said Gerchman. “I wanted to play with those people I knew.”

Through all these years growing up and playing ball in the Scranton area, the girls have learned so much about each other both on and off the court. Playing basketball has been a major part of their lives. They have brought all of their experiences with them to benefit Pacers basketball.

“It becomes a whole new type of game when you begin playing with these girls rather than against them,” said sophomore Lindsey Schroth. “It makes it easier to mend and work together.”