Haley’s Health Tips: Diet plans


Photo credit/ Kelsey Van Horn

Haley Colarusso , Staff Writer

We all know or at least have heard about ridiculous diet plans. People cut out sugar and salt in their diets, while others will cut out carbs and fats. Following diet plans can result in rapid weight loss. The thing that people will not tell you about these strict diet plans and weight loss is that it is only temporary. That’s right, I said it, and the truth is out. Cutting out fats, sugars, and carbs from your diet will only make you gain even more weight when you stop your diet plan. Weight loss is not a 12-week plan; it is a life commitment. When trying to lose and maintain your weight, it is essential to keep a healthy balance of food in your life. Here are a few diets to avoid.

  • The ‘No Carb Diet’. This diet is by far the strictest one out there. Instead of cutting out all carbs, just try cutting out bad carbs. Bad carbs can include white bread, white pasta, cookies, cake, chips, etc. Good carbs can be found in foods like whole wheat pasta, bread, sweet potatoes and bananas.
  • The ‘No Fat Diet’. If you are cutting out carbs, then you better still be eating your fats. Fats get a bad reputation for being horrible for you, but they are actually essential for your everyday diet. Fats, along with carbs, provide energy for your body. Food items that include good fat are cheeses and peanut butter. To avoid bad fatty food, don’t eat grease.
  • The ‘Lean Cuisine Diet’. No, just no. Lean Cuisine microwavable meals may be easier on the busy college student, but you are basically poisoning your body. The amount of sodium in one Lean Cuisine dinner can make you feel like you gained five pounds of water weight.  Stay away from any sort of microwavable meals when trying to lose or maintain weight.
  • The ‘Eat Salads All Day and Everyday Diet’. While this diet may get you to your weight loss goal, it will not keep you there. Salads are great, for only one meal a day though. Do not get salad crazy. By only eating salads you are skipping out on essential nutrients for your body like sugar, protein and fats. If salads are really your thing, always add some sort of protein, fruits, and veggies, even some cheese.
  • Lastly, the ‘I’m Not Going to Eat Because I Want to Lose Weight Diet.’ Eating quickens your metabolism, while not eating just makes it even slower. Avoiding food can result in serious health risks. Eating three main meals a day, or, like me, eating five smaller meals a day is very important in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. It is okay not to be hungry; however, it is not okay not to eat all day because of it. Your body might not always let you know when it is hungry; it is your job to feed it.

Trying to lose weight or even maintain your weight in college is not always easy. Having constant stress added on to that does not help either. Eating right will result in a better and healthier body. Don’t fall into quick diet plans just for fast results. Take care of your body; you only have one. Oh, and eat a cookie every once and a while. You deserve it.

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