ANALYSIS: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks Recap


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Staff Writer Nick Ferraro says this game was a heartbreaker.

Nick Ferraro, Staff Writer

As November slowly dissipates away into the last month of the year, the National Football League enters the final, most critical stretch of the 2020 season. For the Eagles that means that this Seattle game was a must-win game. Their several weeks lead atop the NFC East has dissolved as the Eagles find themselves behind both the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team.

First Quarter
The Eagles were visibly frustrated. Whether it be because of the taunting or skill of one of the league’s best WR DK Metcalf. It could have also been the toll this disastrous season has taken upon the players. Two personal fouls on Eagle’s defensive star Darius Slay and DT Malik Jackson cost crucial field position. The tone of the game was set with the Seahawks’ first possession, but with no points given up, I couldn’t complain.

What I can complain about is the team’s dreadful offense that seems to somehow only get worse. The first possession started with a penalty by the Seahawks giving Philly a first and five. Pass plays followed, all failed to convert. When the ball was regained, two passes and a run followed for another three and out. Pathetic. The play calling was simply terrible and Doug Peterson seemed to be allergic to running the ball.

Derek Barnett and Rodney McCleod played like absolute animals during this game. Four huge stops between the two of them were crucial in the success of back-to-back drives for their defense. As the defense remained strong, I could only hope that Philadelphia changed the tide on the other side of the ball.

The first quarter ended in an abysmal fashion. The Eagles had a grand total of five yards through three possessions. They had the ball and the game was still scoreless, so strangely there was still hope.

End of First Quarter: SEA 0-0 PHI

Second Quarter
Things were getting strange in Philadelphia. The second quarter began with Jalen Hurts taking his first snap without Carson Wentz on the field. He got a completion to Alshon Jeffery but immediately was pulled. In the next play, Wentz took a sack effectively ending the drive. The Eagles had yet to get a first down through four possessions.

The defense was holding up well until new signee Slay was beaten by Metcalf on a deep pass that brought them to the one-yard line. The drive ended with a touchdown pass accredited to Russell Wilson.


More of the same for Philadelphia as they were 5-5 on three and outs. This was extremely hard and disappointing to watch. I almost wanted the game to end because clearly, this team had no interest in changing their strategy or giving into any creative play calling. This team had a total of four yards through these five possessions.

The ensuing drive for Seattle was in terrific fashion for any Seahawk fan out there. Penalties, penalties, penalties. The defense was tired, being on the field for most of the game, they made errant plays and it cost them crucial yards. A 16-yard touchdown run gave the Northwestern team a two-score lead.

SEA 14-0 PHI

A first down! I don’t want to say it felt like a miracle, but it felt like a miracle. Wentz showed a bit of his MVP season, rushing for 20 yards for a first down. Beyond that, they reached past midfield in what feels like a turn of the tide of sorts for this game. As the drive continued, the luck did as well. Penalties committed by Seattle were called and an intentional grounding no-call saved the Eagles’ drive. As the drive reached the two-minute warning, the clock kept ticking.

Wentz was running, Saunders was running, and this offense was running rampant. This drive showed off a ray of hope that this team could win the NFC East. Wentz throws a dart to Dallas Goedert for a touchdown. But, every good thing for the Eagles must end in sadness this season.

Halftime: SEA 14-6 PHI
At the half, the momentum fully swung to the home team. The battle of the birds was tight, but at this point, I fully believed that this Eagles team had a chance to win this game if they could keep a balanced attack and stay aggressive.

Third Quarter
The tables turned and the Seahawks suffered a three-and-out after the break. The defense shows themselves to remain strong and powerful. The Eagles kept their offensive momentum and drove down the field in quick succession until they were met with a roadblock in their red zone. However, the team looked great. Wentz looked comfortable and willing to scramble and evade pressure. Whether desperation or a jolt of 2017 juice for Wentz, he looked different on the past two drives. The field goal brought the game within five points.

SEA 14-9 PHI

Doug Peterson was a problem. The fact remains the issue is that he doesn’t have creative play calling and his clock management is dreadful. He lost two timeouts in the third quarter, limiting his team to one break for the final 18 minutes of play. Frustration beyond belief remained with this team and its personnel.

The defense gave up three but held steady for something that could have ended a lot worse. Slay’s production on Metcalf was dreadful, but the other members of the secondary kept Seattle’s weapons in check.

End of Third Quarter: SEA 17-9 PHI.

Through seven plays, the offense had its moments, but a fourth-down swat by KJ Wright ended the drive at around midfield. The gutsy fourth and two call failure was worrisome since the Seahawks had it in Eagles territory to start their drive. A score here would pull them ahead by two scores which could be insurmountable for Philadelphia.

Metcalf schooled the Eagles’ top cornerback tonight. With 10 receptions of 177 yards, the star wide-out has been the difference. Once again he got the team in great field position after a long throw by Wilson. A ball goes through his hands in the endzone, and thankfully because Seattle was held to only three this drive.

SEA 20-9 PHI

While not insurmountable, the 11 point lead shined like the burning embers of this game. While the offense improved, it seemed as though it would not be enough.

Almost everything went right during this possession. Until it came crumbling down in a second. Two substantial pass interference penalties put Philadelphia in a position to easily score and bring this game back to one score. But on a fourth and four in the red zone, Doug Peterson decided to go for it. Why he made such a call I will never know. Eleven points down, you take the points and trust the defense who has been playing outstandingly beside one corner, take the field and get a stop. But to no avail. Wentz threw an interception and the game felt like it was coming to a long and painful end.

The defense put the Seahawks into a third and long with seven minutes on the clock. But for the fifth time, this game Seattle continued their drive via a penalty by the Eagles. The game felt lost and so does the season. As Seattle came off the field, you had to wonder if the result would be the same if the field goal was kicked instead of the disgusting fourth-down call. But with under five minutes left, the chance for this team to come back is unlikely.

This game is on the head of Doug Peterson’s playcalling. Through their first five possessions, they tallied four yards. Four. That was nearly laughable. The offense had three good drives, two of which ended in scores. But, the play calling, lack of running on most drives remained stagnant and pathetic.

The Hail Mary touchdown with 12 seconds left meant nothing to me. The two-point conversion was a nice plus but it was only for appearances in the paper. Heartbreak.

The only silver lining of this game was this defense’s play. Holding Seattle’s red hot offense to only 20 points is beyond impressive and I am thrilled with it. But the team’s number one cornerback was simply outmatched by his opponent, giving way to a ridiculous amount of yards.

Final Score: SEA 23-17 PHI

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