Our Opinion: Is change at Marywood on its way?


Photo credit/ Summer Steinhart

The Editorial Board, The Wood Word

A new semester at Marywood brings the campus community back to some of the same problems it has faced in the past. With a new administration in place, this year is going to be one of rebuilding.

The new administration has acknowledged some of the problems facing the university. The campus is continuing the Strategic Resources Allocation process, with the implementation plan due to be announced in November. Vacancies in the office of the Provost and Vice President of Business Affairs should soon be filled. And Marywood’s new president, Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Ed. D, is openly communicating with the campus community when new challenges are presented. For example, a few weeks ago, she wrote a letter to students addressing their concerns over long wait times at the Learning Commons cafe. The letter shows that Marywood’s new president is willing to work with students to discuss and resolve problems.

While Sr. Mary and the administration have promised changes, these promises await fulfillment.
Students on campus are seeing infrastructure issues ranging from inconvenient to hazardous. The Liberal Arts Center continues to have heating and cooling issues that have not been resolved for the past few years, with a lack of air conditioning causing classroom temperatures to reach unbearable levels on the warmest days of the semester.

In the Sette LaVerghetta Center, students have noticed mold on ceiling tiles and near air vents. Mold poses a health risk, especially to students with allergies, and students are concerned. Though the mold may be a new issue, it deserves immediate resolution.

The administration has shown that it is ready and willing to reach out to the campus community and confront problems. If the administration wants to continue to build trust with the rest of the campus community, its actions must reflect the promises of change.

Administrators need time to build trust between themselves and the community. Solutions require cooperation and patience from the rest of the campus community.

Welcome back to Marywood. Where we’ll go from here, we have yet to know.